Terms & Conditions

The service I provide is called “Life Coaching”. 


Coaching, which is not directive advice, counselling or therapy, may address overall goals, specific projects, or general conditions in your life or profession. Coaching is for individuals who are emotionally and psychologically healthy and who want to make changes and move forward in their lives. I’d like to make sure that you are aware that the coaching is in no way to be construed as psychological counselling or any type of therapy. Coaching results are not guaranteed. Whenever you decide to enter into the coaching relationship, you need to do so with the full understanding that you are responsible for creating your own results.


Coaching services may include:

  • Setting priorities

  • Establishing goals

  • Identifying resources

  • Brainstorming

  • Creating action plans

  • Asking clarifying questions

  • Providing models, examples, and in-the-moment skills training 


I promise that all information provided by you will be kept strictly confidential, as required by law.


Throughout our coaching relationship, I will engage in direct and personal conversations with you, which will include asking explicit questions and making requests. The purpose of these interactions is to remind you of your intentions, and to coach you to make them reality. 

In order for our coaching relationship to achieve its maximum potential, I ask that you carefully read through the following:


1.  Please be on time for all appointments. 

  • If you are going to be late, please let me know in advance. 

  • If I don’t hear from you and you are more than twenty minutes late for a coaching session, I will assume that the session is cancelled and you will therefore forfeit the session fee.

  • If you know you are going to miss an appointment, please notify me at least twenty-four hours in advance. 

  • Appointments missed without twenty-four hours’ notice will only be rescheduled upon availability.

2.  Be honest and participate fully. Recognise that our sessions are a safe place to look at what you really want, and what it will take to make it happen.

3.  Make a commitment to the action plans you create, and do what you have agreed to do.

4. Understand that the power of the coaching relationship can only be granted by you, and you should commit to making the relationship powerful. If you see that coaching is not working as you desire, communicate and take action to resolve it as soon as possible.

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