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Hello and Welcome to Tadley's Zero Waste Pantry.

My name is Francesca and I offer a home-delivery service of mostly organic and zero waste products like pasta, rice, beans & pulses, grains, herbs &spices, dried fruits, nuts & seeds as well as plastic free coffee, crisps & non-food products.

Please note this is a local service only. If you are a lucky resident of Tadley, Pamber Heath, Pamber Green, Pamber End, Baughurst, Wasing, Padworth, Mortimer, Silchester, Little London, Bramley or Aldermaston (in Hampshire, UK) you can now say goodbye to having to carry your, often heavy and bulky, containers anywhere or spending time in the queue.

All you need to do is to send me your shopping list, (please check what the Pantry has to offer first - any random shopping list will not be accepted! 😂), prepare your containers for collection (if you have any, if not your order will be prepared using reusable, recycled and recyclable paper bags), sit back and wait for your delivery. It is as simple as that.


But... Is it 100% ZERO waste?

Well.. I value honesty a lot, so here’s the trick with the so called 'zero waste shops' (please note this is my personal point of view, not a trick per se): as a business owner, buying in bulk means that you can buy plastic free. (To us, business owners: nuts, seeds and dry fruits - for example - do come in plastic bags, mostly recyclable, but still plastic). Unfortunately, until a new, affordable and sustainable type of packaging is available, this kind of arrangement looks like the best option we have at the moment...

The ethos of the Pantry is to help the community minimise waste. Whether it is food, packaging, CO2 or time, it doesn’t matter. Waste not, want not.


On a personal level (because there’s always a person behind any business) I find the world is a better place when we are of use to others... And this, my dear ones, is my humble part. I hope you join me in this crazy venture.


Thank you,